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Day 11: Troubadoure auf dem Weg!

Day 11: Troubadoure auf dem Weg!

„Ever since the Enlightenment , Western Philosophers have shown us a Nature that is grand and universal but also passiv and mechanical. Nature was a backdrop and resource for the moral intentionality of Man, which could tame and master Nature. It was left to fabulists, including non-western and non civilisational storytellers, to remind us of the lively activities of all beings, human and not human.

Several things have happened to undermine this division of labor. First, all that taming and mastering has made such a mess that is is unclear whether life on earth can continue. Second, interspecies entaglements that once seemed the stuff off fables are now materials for serious discussion among biologists and ecolgists, who show how life requires the interplay of many kinds of beings. Humans cannot survive by stomping on all the others. […]

The time has come for new ways of telling true stories beyond civilizational first principles”

Loewenhaupt- Tsing