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Workshop: Having fun with the Apocalypse

Having fun with the Apocalypse
Climate change is a serious issue, so are deadly viruses. Big issues in
which we appear small and powerless. In this playful workshop we reclaim
our right to be light. With a combination of nonviolent communication
and on-the-spot impro theater, we lightheartedly play with states of
chaos and surrender ourselves to be guided by the unknown. Face your
fear and meet your inner alchemist, your inner healer, your warrior of
the light. We explore in a sensitive way how our collective fear has the
potential to grow into a lively force of transformation. If you have
been waiting for a wake-up call, this is it.
The workshop will be in a mixture of English and German. You are invited
to dress up in apocalyptic theme, yet all other forms of self are also
welcome. Experience with nonviolent communication is practical, but not
. . . .


15. February 2020


10,00 €
Cultural area of protagon e. V.


Cultural area of protagon e. V.
Orber Str. 57, 60386 Frankfurt am Main, Germany