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Gallery / Open atelier / Film


Fine arts/video art/printmaking/sculpture or spatial work/mixed media work
Hang or place your work in our mostly visited place, the toilet gallery. You can present a finished work for the entire 3 weeks of the Winterwerft festival. We also invite people with a work in process, or a mixed media performance that can be presented on a certain time. Explain how you want to present your work, how you want to develop or maybe even want to get in dialog with other works around you.

Workshop leader open atelier
Offer a workshop where you are open to use different media like painting, drawing, sculpturing, collage, or other analog or mixed media. How to trigger creativity and come to ideas by working with the hands.

Open call film
You have a short or full length film that will be shown in the artist&recidency period to the workers, artists and participants, but not for audience that will visit the festival. When you are able to visit the festival, there’s a possibility for a little Q&A.


We offer you a 3 week artist residency and a place where you can watch performances, join a lot of workshops and meet a lot of artists, performers, etc. You get a little insight of living in a theater community and watch the working process from nearby.

To apply, please fill in the form on https://winterwerft.de/als-kuenstlerin-bewerben/ or you can send an email with the following information to edith.elzen@gmail.com and e_va@live.de

– (Working) title and name artist
– Short description (+-100/200 words) of the work that we use for the program
– Additional information/technical list
– One or multiple photo’s, drawing of the space, video teaser, etc.