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27. JAN– 12. FEB 2023

Winterwerft is the festival for wild, organic, uncivilized theater. Theater that changes perspective and pace, that looks fearlessly into the abyss of our time and uses the means of critical creative debate in its quest to find a vision.



War, drought, viruses. In recent years, we have seen one crisis after another profoundly shake the structures we once believed to be safe, regardless of whether they are political, economic or biological in nature. Not only the borders of Europe are burning, but also the fields and forests right outside our doorsteps. The climate catastrophe is already here, economic wars are swelling, political systems are eroding - the house is on fire. What can and should theater do in such times?... a time of fire, a time of drought, and of violent conflicts over resources? What questions need to be asked, what language needs to be spoken, what gaits need to be tested, what networks need to be woven? How can the climate catastrophe, with all its floods, storms, droughts, all its displaced people, refugees, deaths, be brought into stage? What songs and dances, languages and chants need to be flung, sung and spoken out of our hearts, out of the theaters, out of the windows onto the streets and squares, into the plenary halls? From Jan. 27 to Feb. 12, 2023, we invite you to our Winterwerft Laboratorium. On the one hand: we invite artists* and performers to live, rehearse, train and research with us and one another here in Frankfurt on the premises of the protagon association. To face the questions mentioned above, to dare to look into the abyss and to put an ear right against the belly of our rumbling earth. On the other hand we also invite all of you to sit with us by the flames: on each weekend a full program awaits you, with presentations of the material worked out in the lab, performances by the participating ensembles, workshops, talks, concerts, readings, catering and more. All info - soon here.