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Winterwerft 2021


We chose the right title and topic, that could not be more urgent: The collapse of the world as we know it, around us, right here, right know. And the unraveling of the myth of human isolation and superiority from and above the more than human world. With one virus thingy humbling us, showing us – impressively – the leaks of our sociatal constructions, the instability of our economic systems, and the immediate risk and danger of our economic behaviour and set of mind. It brings back to our everyday lives, what western society has mostly been seeking to ignore – vulnerability, limitations, death. The fact, that we are not the Lords and Ladies of the universe.

So how our societies and each and everyone individually is going to respond to that, is a vital question, especially with far bigger crises looming over the horizon. And that is not only a political question, or an economical , or a scientific one – it is also a cultural one.

Julian Böhme – Kurator