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The Winterwerft is the festival for wild, organic, uncivilized theater. Theater that changes perspective and gait, that fearlessly looks into the abysses of this time and goes on a search for vision with the means of critically creative discussion.

The Festival gives space and time to re-think and re-tell stories.To safari through the understories of our modern human civilizations and seek, discover and envision healthier, more sustainable ways of living. Here, artists and spectators gather together to share and discuss, to console and enact.

We give space to emotions involved with the loss of such an amount of species – anger, sadness, grief – as well as for visions and stories that help us and encourage to keep going and creatively face change.

At the same time we are a community project based on the merge of a very busy city, envisioning and enacting social and work structures that are sustainable and nourishing for everybody involved.

Our aim is to put nature and culture back together again, both nourishing each other.We believe biodiversity and diversity of opinions and lifestyles are closely related.

We see there is a great gap between nature and culture. But to initiate and support the necessary changes that we have to undergo as a society,  or if we want to adjust to sustainable ways of being we have to close that gap by telling / or seeking stories that strengthen our relationships with the natural world.

In stories our ways of putting ourselves in relation with the other than human world are significantly shaped. In former times stories, landscapes and peoples were closely linked.Literally one thing.That is what made people care and feel at home. To rewild nature,  we have to rewild our stories, our cultures our, structures.We have to green our minds and hearts.

Our vision is to create and support places, spaces, artists and cummunities were the process of re-wilding nature and re-wilding our culture are being put back together again in order to facilitate and nourish processes of sustainable community and culture building in co existence with the other than human world. We host and create theatre that dares to creatively challenge dominant narratives and seeks to strenghten interrelatedness, diversity and coexistence.

We bring culture on the streets and into public spaces, but also into parks and forests and fields.We seek to give voice to landscapes, animals and peoples spanning and connecting generations and species.