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Saturday 05.02. | 6:30 pm

We are in a huge experiment of global dimensions of which the outcome is uncertain. The familiar order in which we moved, in which we knew how to express ourselves, no longer exists. A new order is not in sight. Society resembles a solar system out of orbit, in which millions of suns revolve around themselves. The world is no longer the same. Neither is the theater. When a society changes, the mode of expression changes as well. The way of telling stories. We are stuck in a rift, the emptiness between two orders. In this unhoused place, Luba, Zeno, Alex and the Angel are also drifting. The characters are disoriented. Confused. Aggressive. Circling around themselves. Whiteout is the condition of our society.

Zeno: Ilja Kamphues
Luba: Tanjana Tsouvelis,
Alex: Anastasios Kalfas

Text & direction: Tanjana Tsouvelis