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Teatro Strappato – Triboulet

Teatro Strappato – Triboulet

Thursday 10.02. | 9 pm

An old throne, which, full of cobwebs, seems to have been salvaged from the bottom of the sea, is cleaned for the umpteenth time and, after removing the most obvious traces of the previous stories, is set up so that it stands at the center of the scene. A new, eternal story of oppression begins anew. The individual inserted into the system is forced to act as a wheel, as an instrument of power, manipulated and in turn becoming manipulative, an accomplice, directly the architect of the misfortunes of others. Not even those who are aware of this mechanism can stop it, or stop themselves, until…until the machine of the system devours someone close to us, very close, maybe our children…and then everything changes, and the former indifference, coldness and calculation disappear and are replaced by terror, fear, agony…The unchanging history of humanity, the exercise of power, something inseparable from our species, claims its victims in secret.


Written and directed by Vene Vieitez

Original music by Juan Miguel Murani

Performed by Cecilia Scrittore and Vene Vieitez