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Sa 12.02. | 21:00 Uhr

A performance by two men using theatre, dance, acrobatics, instrumental music and singing in order to embark on an intimate journey which had once begun with a single question:

What happens when all our certainties are lost and we start to plunge into the unknown?

It is this moment that, in our tumultuous times, entails not only risk, but also an opportunity: Starting from our vulnerability, it touches on our personal limits and finally converges on a point where all our masks fall away. A moment of nakedness, of taking a leap; a new beginning with an uncertain outcome.

Inspired by German, Brazilian and Latin American folk songs, two men observe and reflect on the bond between them and the never-ending struggle for one another and how this is linked to their relationship with the nature of things. As if caught on the high seas, the boundaries between their different cultures and countries of origin, with all the differences in what life and death, comradeship and love, nature and being human mean to them, become blurred. As oppositions become meaningless, it is now about coming together and becoming one – carried by the wind, playing music with the stars and dancing with the waves.

with Lucas Tanajura, Benedikt Müller & Ruben Wielsch (Music).