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Regula Contra Regulam Teatro – Laudesi

Regula Contra Regulam Teatro – Laudesi

Sat 05 Feb | 8:00 pm


LAUDESI is a performance action between ritual and spectacle.
It is based on the practices and exercises of a research programme, Laudesi/Performing Arts Research Program, directed by Raúl Iaiza.

A group of friends and compatriots come together to toast. Suddenly, one of them bursts into a fit of rage, as if remembering something terrible. One by one, they try to understand why the singing among them embraces and guides them. They manage to relive the passages of Jesus’ Passion, starting with the toast at the Last Supper….

Cast: Marta Annoni, Elisabetta Fraccacreta, Silvia Minchillo,
Ruggero Bonacina, Raul Iaiza (conductor), Simone Lampis, Stefano Olimpi.
Witnesses: Marco Berta, Simone Faloppa.

Scenic space, objects and costumes: Laudesi.
Songs from Modi della tradizione orale/Giovanna Marini
and from Laudario di Cortona (Ms91)
Dramaturgy: Marco Berta, Simone Faloppa, Simone Lampis, Raul Iaiza