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Oriom (Music)

Oriom (Music)

Sa 12.02. | 22:00

Oriom is the solo project of Rainer von Vielen. Spacetrips for space yoga, star dance and grounding.

Each song is written in a special planetary tuning. The frequency of the rotation of the planets around the sun, octavated into an audible range. Beats that resonate with these frequencies.

For a long time now, Rainer has discovered the depth of throat singing for himself and has come to know a fulfilling and moving power in this singing.

He has made it his task to combine archaic means of sound production with electronic soundscapes. Bringing these worlds into harmony while resonating with the planets of our solar system is a beautiful metaphor for how everything is connected.

The language Oriom sings in is the language of the moment. Voice as an instrument and words as a recording medium, telling of a sensation that comes directly from merging with the sound of the music. Immediate and direct.

Planetary sounds and dance beats. Ambient sounds and overtones. Throat singing and space dub. Healing sound and liberated language.