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julakim – the most dazzling light of avant-garde world music. julakim introduces us to ‘bLuzLand,’ where poetic, unfathomable spaces radiate joy from within. Drawn by the immense volume of this emotional voice and captivated by the cultural diversity between rhythm and stillness, one finds themselves floating along, eager to join… the journey through a vibrant world of sudden togetherness. Because julakim has the gentle ability to transcend boundaries, showing us just how much freedom lies at our feet.

With over 400 live performances in South America and Europe, 40,000+ visualizations on YouTube/Vimeo, and inclusion in the book ‘Provokation! Songs, die für Zündstoff sorgten’ (Provocation! Songs that caused a stir), where music journalist Michael Behrendt compares julakim to Colette Magny, the free spirit of 1960s France, it is evident that there is significant interest from fans and the professional community.




28. January 2024