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Film: Lord of the Flies

Film: Lord of the Flies

Fr 04.02. | 20:00 Uhr

A group of young people find themselves in a strange, mysterious place. A place without civilization, without adults, without clear rules. What has happened seems unclear, but one thing is certain: there is no escape. Fear, curiosity, helplessness and anger spread. The young people have different goals, each with their own idea of (surviving) life. And yet living together must somehow be possible?! While some are still looking for solutions, the hunt begins for others.

TBM embark on a fragmentary journey of discovery with young people from Cologne. A journey through our current society and the seemingly self-evident rules of our coexistence. Together they ask: How does a community form from individuals? What is necessary for a good life together? Is there such a thing as “evil” in human beings? And how are young people and their role perceived in the present time?

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