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Brama Teatr – Ghost Dance

Brama Teatr – Ghost Dance

Sunday 13.02. | 8 pm

The Ghost Dance was a ritual made in response to the great crisis of Indian civilization in North America in the late 19th century, after Western civilization had taken over the life of Indians. The dance was done in hope of steering towards a great change: the end of the present world and beginning of a better one. In a time of hopelessness, they would dance in the belief that it would change their fate. The performance is a symbolic evocation of this ritual in defense of dying values. It is our act of hope at a time when the next turn of the wheel of history seems to be unstoppable. Each generation is required to sacrifice and carry the banners of their values, which beat in the revolutionary hearts of naive idealists. Ghost Dance is an action which combines music and theatre, inspired by writings by Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, and folkloric art of dying civilisations and anti-capitalist manifestos.

Directed by: Daniel Jacewicz

Cast: Evanthia Athanasiadi, Jenny Crissey, Joanna Kalinowska, Edyta Rogowska, Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Patryk Bednarski, Maciej Rataczyk, Wojciech Rosiński, Oliwer Szalagan