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Regula Contra Regulam Teatro – De Musica

Regula Contra Regulam Teatro – De Musica

Fri 04 Feb | 9:00 pm

Working demonstration on music in the education of the performer.

DE MUSICA is a sequence of 9 frames: Actions, exercises and reflections.
About who plays an instrument, in relation to stage presence. About those who sing without being a singer, alone or accompanied, to explore vocal landscapes. About the artistic word in action, about the material and prosodic world of the word in a scenic situation. About the relationship with recorded music, which is always as enriching as it is deceptive for the performing arts. About composition, practice and improvisation. That is, about the whole network of analogies, resonances, mirages, misunderstandings, possibilities, horizons between music and the world of acting training.

“And it’s also a personal journey into the past, because I was a musician until I was 28 or 29. Through music I have changed continents. Thanks to music, I have found teachers of enormous artistic and human value along the way. It’s a personal journey, very personal, because I spent the other 29 of my 57 years in the theatre. And now, only now, the journeys have managed to meet. The music has returned… But through the theatre.”
-Raúl Iaiza

Co-production Ensemble La Chimera-Regula Teatro