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A Dance Healing Ritual
By Nora Amin
Not only the earth, soil and nature carry the wounds of genocides across centuries of wars and colonisation, but our human soul also carries them. They become a wound to humanness, a genetic print across cultures and geographies. WOUND is a ritual towards the path of healing and reconciliation, to reconcile with the past, the present, and construct a future via the human bonding and the bonding with nature, water and soil.
Originally inspired by the tragic events of the fire that killed fifty artists in a theatre hall in Egypt on September 5, 2005, WOUND is a dance performance that aims to commemorate all victims of oppressive regimes around the world and offer a healing ritual for survivors and grieving communities across generations.

WOUND presents itself as a live dance ritual/performance, which in the final part includes an interactive part in which spectators are offered the opportunity to physically carry out a healing action that would leave them with a memory associated with the performance and also related to their own experience of loss. These actions are inspired by the global importance of water – across faiths and cultures – that can heal, wash away the pain and revive. Everyone is invited to put their hands in a bowl of water and experience a sensory impact that can be associated with loss, memory and healing. The water becomes a medium of togetherness, it mediates togetherness, it holds the sensorial traces of each hand and passes it on to the next hands. And finally the bowl of water becomes the one place that preserves all the sensations of all hands, and their actions of healing.


Text, choreography & performance, music co-composition: Nora Amin

music co-composition & scenography: Ehab Abdellatif


Spoken and projected Text in different languages: German, English, Arabic, French, Spanish




10. February 2024