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“Voices” is an artistic activity stretched between theater and music. Teatr Brama uses singing as one of the elements of theatrical language. Based on traditional, polyphonic international songs, the group explores their common element – the core of humanity. Each song carries with it emotion, atmosphere and history. Together they form a mosaic of human sensibility. Teatr Brama invites the audience to listen to melodies that envelop the sound and stir the soul.
Duration: 60 minutes
Direction: Daniel Jacewicz,
Actors/ vocalists: Evanthi Athanasiadi, Aleksandra Ślusarczyk, Patryk Bednarski, Daniel Jacewicz, Wojciech Rosiński

Teatr Brama was founded by Daniel Jacewicz in 1996 and it grew to become an independent ensemble which is well-known in Poland today. The theatre is based in Goleniów, where the group creates most of the performances and hosts numerous art projects. Teatr Brama is revolutionizing the relationship between audience and theater by utilizing performance to create a participatory meeting, not a spectator activity. The theater’s ensemble is a diverse group dedicated to a common artistic goal: researching the heights and depths of emotion, recalling heritage and reacting to the reality of life. As a cultural and educational association, Teatr Brama utilizes informal educational methods to empower the people using art to improve their lives and the world.




04. February 2024