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Vernissage III – Through

Vernissage III

Performance Through of Daryna Blyshchuk 18.15 pm 45 min.

“In order not to feel my own pain, I decided to feel the pain of my brothers and sisters, to feel it through and through…”

The “Through” project was born out of a pressing need to take action and help the homeland, both locally and internationally, to transform people’s pain through art.

During the summer vacation, a cycle of art therapy was carried out in various cities across four different regions of Ukraine, illuminating the emotional facets of people. The name of the project, “through”, reflects the process in which people’s images are fully felt through the soul, body and mind.

After selecting 14 images that left a deep impression, Daryna created an impressive art performance. In this performance, the emotions of an entire nation are thematized: pain and fear, love and the rebirth of the nation, embedded in the feelings in the context of war. The image of a nation is created from individual strokes, folds and sounds.


Language: English, Translation into German Printout



09. February 2024