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Unterm Kindergarten

Unterm Kindergarten – Theaterhaus Ensemble

A play about the big questions of becoming and passing away – for ages 3 and up


“This, for example, is the story of the baby bird that flew into a window on its first long outing, broke its beak, fell to the ground and died.”

The children buried the little bird. And one of them, the youngest of all, wondered: What will happen to the bird? A play begins for two actors who sensitively and amusingly tell different stories: of a whale and a giraffe, of a father who is afraid for his child, of trees that are uprooted – and of a boy who once buried a little bird, who eventually becomes an architect and designs kindergartens in which no bird should break its neck on the window pane.


In his play “Unterm Kindergarten”, Norwegian author Eirik Fauske spins a marvellously philosophical roundelay of ideas: That beneath this very real, present-day kindergarten lies a world of memories and experiences that we all carry within us, a kind of primal memory that can be found again if we just dig hard enough. The Theaterhaus Ensemble is developing the production in close collaboration with kindergartens in order to incorporate the children’s world view and ideas and allow them to participate in the artistic process.

Performance in German.


By Eirik Fauske

Play and concept Michael Meyer, Günther Henne

Director Rob Vriens

Sound collage Günther Henne

Dramaturgy Susanne Freiling

Photos Katrin Schander

Rights published by the authors


Language: German, no translation of the moderation for the Kids Program


04. February 2024


17:00 - 18:00