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Riders Connection

If you want to describe a band like Riders Connection, you have to reinvent a few musical styles. Three likeable guys, united by street music, like to sound like a bigger band with minimal resources.
Moritz, tirelessly delivers colorful beatbox sounds, surrounded by Philipp’s rhythmic acoustic guitar, soulful vocals and a unique mouth trumpet, while Aleksej’s grooving basslines bring everything together like a single embrace. And that’s how it is, you feel embraced at a Riders Connection concert. Not only from their music, but also from their charm, which they give space to in their often amusing interaction with the audience.
A musical sound that finds expression in its natural way and does not get lost in the digital jungle due to numerous effects. The music ranges from catchy reggae grooves to soulful singer songwriter music, with inspirations from country, folk and soul, to techno. Through their personal interaction with the audience and their playful spontaneity, they touch the listeners and connect with them, until in the end the band and the auditorium unite to form one big Riders Connection.


03. February 2024