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Rights of Nature – a performative-experimental workshop

// Rights of Nature – A performative-experimental workshop

Loss of biodiversity and climate catastrophe. Every nine and a half minutes a species disappears from this planet. Does nature have a right to exist? This is not just a question that needs to be negotiated in society. It literally arises and moves within each and every one of us: what are our images of nature and humanity? What would it be like if we not only granted ourselves a right to nature, but also granted rights to nature itself? What does it mean for us humans to recognize a blade of grass, a frog, a river or an ecosystem as a person? Alternating between theoretical input and performative play, a joint artistic experience process is created. We look forward to seeing you!

in English and German

// Collective WAS TUN

The WAS TUN collective was founded in 2022. Our work is based on experience in theater pedagogy, science and socio-ecological change, and combines approaches from art, research and activism. We want to create spaces that raise awareness of social challenges and their solutions, and get ourselves and others moving – for inspiration and empowerment, in connection.


The workshops are open to everyone.

Please register at workshops@protagon.net. Places are limited!

You will then receive more information about the location and participation.

Participation is on a donation basis. We recommend 8-20€ per workshop hour. If you give more, you enable others to give less.



28. January 2024


10:00 - 13:30