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Peripheral Vision – Dance Workshop

Peripheral Vision – Dance workshop


Peripheral Vision is a transformative and holistic movement-based practice developed by Amelia Eisen and Miriam Markl in the stunning landscapes of Iceland. The method is both an artistic way of working and an invitation to self-awareness in all aspects of life. It provides a basis for creation and training in dance improvisation, guiding creative processes for site-specific performances and creating experiences that broaden one’s horizons. Peripheral Vision is always in a state of emergence, constantly evolving in a continuous research process.


During the workshop, we will use creative tasks to explore dance in movement outdoors in nature and in public space and, inspired by the experiences gained there, further develop and reflect on our own dance movement vocabulary.


The workshop is aimed at people with and without previous experience. Please bring suitable clothing and shoes for dancing outdoors.

Workshop in German and/or English

Meeting point: Yurt


The workshops are open to everyone.

Please register at workshops@protagon.net. Places are limited!

You will then receive more information about the location and participation.

Participation is on a donation basis. We recommend 8-20€ per workshop hour. If you give more, you enable others to give less.


27. January 2024


14:30 - 17:30