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No Land. Other Land. Workshop-Presentation

Under the theme “Losing Ground”, we invited Viviana Bovino (Residui Teatro) and Raúl Iaíza (Regulam Contra Regulam Teatro) to a one-week residency in which we prepared the subsequent final performance.

We decided to jump into the unknown, to lose the ground beneath our feet using only our parachute of text snippets, songs and the “Cuerpo Elastico” technique to find a new stage language in a land unknown to us.

We approach the subject via the practice “Cuerpo Elástico, Cuerpo en Vuelo” (Elastic Body, Body in Suspension), which Viviana learnt from the Colombian choreographer Marta Ruiz and has been practising for many years. Another starting point is polyphony and singing, which we will explore together with Raúl Iaíza.

Practically, we will deal with flight, gravity and the connection/separation with the earth and improvise and create accompanied by live music to finally cross the bridge between dance and theatre singing and making music.

The presentation is a first map for our final performance on 11 February and will give you an insight into our work and artistic research. We can’t tell you exactly what will be on show at the moment.


Language: Little or no words, English and other





27. January 2024