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Shahrzad Nazarpur and Morteza Mohammadi

Infinite hope

The performers Shahrzad Nazarpour and Morteza Mohammadi remind us that we must not give up hope in the tiring struggle for justice. They embody resistance to the coercive regimes they have experienced in their biographies and explore how the categorisation of people works in totalitarian regimes. In doing so, they plead for liberation and the right to live out their vitality with all their senses and desires. They envision a world of dance that values their liveliness and artistic expression and cannot imagine one thing: revolution and change without dance.

Following the passionate motto of political activist Emma Goldman: “If I canʼt dance, I donʼt want to be part of your revolution”, the performers embark on a search for international solidarity. Using movement, dance and spoken word, they process their experiences of migration and flight and break with binary and restrictive attributions.


Language: English, German, Farsi, German Sign Language


28. January 2024