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Finding Gravity – Mixed Abled Dance Workshop

Finding Gravity

Mixed Abled Dance Workshop


What does it feel like to lose your balance? Or never having had it before? How can we find lightness in our bodies? And practise falling? Move between pressure and support?


The Mixed Abled Dance Workshop by Reclaiming Dance explores the possibility of losing the ground beneath our feet in a playful and improvisational way using contemporary dance methods – and at the same time looking for a way to find solid ground again.

Keiko Schmitt and Anno Bolender work holistically and inclusively, i.e. all interested people, no matter what language you speak, what gender or age you are – you are welcome!

When you register, please let us know if there is anything we should know about you in advance so that we can cater to your needs.


The workshops are open to everyone.

Please register at workshops@protagon.net. Places are limited!

You will then receive more information about the location and participation.

Participation is on a donation basis. We recommend 8-20€ per workshop hour. If you give more, you enable others to give less.


28. January 2024


16:30 - 18:00