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Drauf & Dran – Verflochten

Drauf & Dran – Intertwined

A dance performance for all 5+

Company M

The climate crisis is becoming ever more threatening. What can we do about it? Mushrooms communicate via kilometers of underground networks and benefit from the knowledge and experience of other mushrooms. They inform and warn each other. Inspired by the special abilities of mushrooms, the theater performance “DRAUF & DRAN – verflochten” follows the idea of co-existence.

What if humans, animals, nature and technology formed a structure of equal members – communicating with each other, learning from each other and protecting each other? What would happen if we no longer put people at the center? Companie M invites children and adults alike to look at living together on this planet from a different – a new perspective.


Concept and production: Josefine Rausch, Giuseppina Tragni, Nina Weber

Performance: Christina Beeck, Miriam Lemdjadi

Music: Carlos Trujillo

Scenography: Stefan Schneider


Language: Little or no words, German, no translation of the moderation for the Kids Program


28. January 2024