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The Birth of an Utopia – Workshop

The Birth of an Utopia WORKSHOP  (fine arts)

“Grounding utopias” is a workshop in which we are going to imagine utopias collectively.

We are going to share our desires and root them through painting, writing and storytelling.

We will experiment the effects of space on imagination and share practices of urban resistance.

Workshop in English


with Valérie Abeloos & Chiara Zanzi

Chiara Ines Zanzi

Where i’ve grown, mountains are in every corner of the horizon. One of them has the shape of a little triangle, it can be seen through the mist only at certain times of the day. My mother’s name is Annalisa, she used to write stories on the train. Outside of my window there’s a tree, and in the morning there are birds that move in huge storms. I share a room with Laura, Laura knows how to make bread in the oven. My friend Andrea told me he met an old guy in the mountains and they’ve eaten salami together, my friend Emma told me she cried in the bus and a family sat with her, ‘look, now we’re crying too’ they said. I want to be so slow, i want to be slow. I’m tired of being fast and lost. I’d rather be lost and slow.

Valérie Abeloos

a mind filled with dreams, thoughts and hope

i discovered hope in a field full of sheeps

sitting right in the middle of this green

rectangle to meditate, a lamb got curious and approached slowly

she smelled me, i said hello softly, and she laid down to sleep on my left knee

it seemed at that moment that she inspired the older sheeps to leave their fear behind and join me

i was surrounded by trust nature inspires me to create, living beings talk and i want to take the time to listen to them like i listen to my own dream.


The workshops are open to everyone.

Please register at workshops@protagon.net. Places are limited!

You will then receive more information about the location and participation.

Participation is on a donation basis. We recommend 8-20€ per workshop hour. If you give more, you enable others to give less.


31. January 2024


20:00 - 22:00