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DAH Theatre / Losing Ground / Theaterworkshop


The workshop focuses on body techniques and group exercises that develop awareness, collaboration, listening to the other. It will work on grounding – feet and walking, space awareness, using the ground as a partner and play with the balance, all that stay in that base of the body expression end our own presence.
It will introduce the role-play in the situations from life, thus offering ways to utilize theater in work on certain personal or collective issues. We will touch the questions: how do theater techniques develop relationships between people, respect for diversity and our environment, the desire to get to know the other? How to transform through theater disagreement into dialogue, rejection into cooperation, fear of social/personal change into a creative act?

Jadranka Andjelić is a theatre director and co-founder of Dah Theatre, working nationaly and internationaly. She was the selector of the international INFANT festival in Novi Sad in 2009 and 2010. From 2008 to 2019, she lived and worked in Brazil, where she was the artistic director of the International Women’s Performing Arts Festival – MULTICIDADE, in Rio de Janeiro in 2015 and 2018. Together with Dijana Milošević, she received recognition from Eugenia Barba, who shared his Luigi Pirandello Award with the directors in 1997. She won the Otto Rene Castillo Award for engaged theater with Dijana Milošević and Dah Theatre in New York in 2007, as well as the ERSTE Foundation INTEGRATION Award for the project the In/Visible City in 2009. With her performances and workshops, she toured all over Europe, in Brazil, Greenland, Mongolia, Morocco, New Zealand, USA, Singapore and Great Britain.

There will be a 1h lunch break from 13-14h


The workshops are open to everyone.


Please register at workshops@protagon.net. Places are limited!

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Participation is on a donation basis. We recommend 8-20€ per workshop hour. If you give more, you enable others to give less.


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10. February 2024


11:00 - 17:00