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Anthemeza is a quartet formed in 2015 in Épinal in the Vosges (France) and made up of four music-loving friends who trained at the jazz conservatories of Nancy, Lille, Dijon and Épinal. The band has been working for many years to revive the history of jazz and blues and is gradually finding its own language, towards a psychedelic blues-rock with strong jazz influences, in which the unconditional love of improvisation and collective writing comes to the fore. After numerous concerts and joyful experiments, the first album was created in 2022 and released in January 2023: “Anthemology”. This album offers a journey through the fantasy world of mermaids, a metaphorical figure and boundless source of inspiration for the band (see album cover). Anthemeza is currently preparing their second album to be recorded in August 2024.


10. February 2024