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Action Partnering – Workshop Präsentation

Ergebnispräsentation des Workshops “Action Partnering” unter Leitung von Günter Klingler.

Wir benutzen Prinzipien der Contactimprovisation, um akrobatische Partneringelemente genauer zu untersuchen. Unser Augenmerk richten wir dabei auf den Energiefluß, die Führung des Schwerpunkts und die Leichtigkeit in unseren Gelenken. Die Forschungsarbeit zwischen Akrobatik, CI-Prinzipien und zeitgenössischem Phrasing bereitet uns darauf vor, schnell und kreativ auf neue, herausfordernde Situationen reagieren zu können und führt uns zur choreographierten Partnerarbeit.

We will use principles of Contactimprovisation to research acrobatic partnering elements. We will focus on energy flow, leading from the center and the practice of maintaining “easy joints“. Contemporary dance technics will help us to stay alive and attentive in the repetition of fixed partnering phrases. By exploring the combination of acrobatics, CI principals and Contemporary phrase-work, we prepare ourselves to be available and creative in new and challenging situations.


Günter Klingler is a dancer, circus artist, choreographer and teacher. After graduating from the movement-theatre-school Scuola Teatro Dimitri he worked in Circus Monti in Switzerland as a Clown. At the Kuopion Conservatory for Music and Dance in Finland he deepened his dance skills and performed afterwards in various companies (Compagnia Vitale/ Artistiktheater Mixtura Unica/ Trivial Dance Theatre). Since 1999 he has been touring with his solo artist comedy program as Heinz Herrmann. He has also been teaching Contemporary dance, Contemporary circus and Contact Improvisation at many universities and education programs (Savonia University – Academy of Music and Dance (FIN)/ Fontys Hogescholen – Academie for Circus and Performance Art (NL)/ Circomix (I)/ TIP – Schule für Tanz, Improvisation und Bewegung (GER)).

In 2006, Günter founded his own Company for Contemporary Circus HeadFeedHands, which continues to tour internationally and was awarded Kunstdünger Bühnenpreis, 1st jury- and audience prize at SoloDuo Festival Budapest and at NoBallet International Choreography Competition.

Gestalt-Therapy methods influence his teaching work and have become more and more important while he choreographs for the stage. Günter has been practicing and teaching Contact Improvisation for the last 20 years and is especially interested in how CI enters into the performing arts.




27. January 2023


20:30 - 21:30