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A moon for Leonore

A play for children and adults from 5 years / from 1st grade onwards

An enchanting story about love, talking past each other and listening.

Lukas is nine. and in love. with Jule. He wonders how to approach her. He´s got some ideas, but none of them are good. He is baffled and looks around his bedroom. A tin can, an old chair and a beanie… what could that help him with? He grabs all his stuff and begins to make up a romatic narrative for it:

The story of Princess Leonore, who is sick and can only be healed if she is given the moon.

No one can help her – the wisest of men in the kingdom have rambling answers, but they are of no help. Then, unasked, the court jester makes a surprising observation and the plot takes a surprising turn.


12. February 2023


17:00 - 18:00