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Each Weekend from Thursday to Sunday (03.02.-6.02. and 10.02.-13.02.) the gates of Winterwerft open, inviting everyone to a packed programm of Theater, Performance, Dance, Music, Symposia, and more. The live-event will be accompanied by a streaming programme of selected shows.

As always, you can’t buy tickets for Winterwerft. How much you want to give at the entrance or exit is up to you. To make sure you get a seat, we recommend you arrive at least half an hour early. The festival grounds will open one hour before the first show each day.

Info about our Covid-19 Concept can be found here.


interwoven, interconnected, interlaced, entwined

What responsibility do we bear as creators of culture, as storytellers in these times of unrest and collapse? In these times of environmental destruction, climate catastrophe and social dislocation, truly utopian images of transformation and new beginnings seem more illusory than ever.

But what if for once we lowered our gaze before the great crises of our time and arrived back in the present? If we looked down to the ground and started to perceive again the space in which we live? What if we got down on our knees, put our hands in the earth and felt for the roots for which we had lost our sensitivity many centuries ago? For the fine connections and networks in which we, as part of this earth, are bound, entangled and enmeshed, no matter how much effort we put into tearing them apart?

With the theme ENTANGLED we want to dare with the Winterwerft 2022 to put the crown of creation down in the grass next to us and try to see ourselves as an intimately interwoven part of this multidimensional, species- and generation-spanning network of life. Instead of independence and superiority, let interdependence and vulnerability in. Integrate, not separate.

In the strife and storm for a humane, kind, liveable future on this planet, perhaps with the tools of theater and dance, of music and poetry, we can salvage the puzzle pieces and fragments of new and old stories, myths, dances to which we can connect. It is here, as storytellers, as creators of culture, that we see our role, our task, and our responsibility.

Join us, get in the circle – we need each and every one.

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The Winterwerft is the festival for wild, organic, uncivilized theater. Theater that changes perspective and gait, that fearlessly looks into the abysses of this time and goes on a search for vision with the means of critically creative discussion.

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