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OPEN CALL Co-Laboratorium / Residents - Winterwerft
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House on Fire








Two weeks of Theatre, Dance & Music

Workshops, Performance, Talks and more

The house is on fire. The air is thick with smoke, cracking, rumbling sounds can be heard from the roof structure. The swelling heat is becoming more and more unbearable as the flames are coming closer and things are falling from the ceiling.

The planet is burning. What will be our next steps through this slowly unfolding catastrophe, through the smoke, the grime and darkness?

We believe that in light of what is coming, we need art, and we need theatre perhaps more than ever. We believe that art can be “fires for the cold, ropes let down to the lost“. This is why we want to come together in the beginning of the year. Are you with us?

In Winterwerft, we take the time to deal with the questions that are calling on us with more and more urgency:

How can we give voice and agenda back to all those who have been deprived of it during the rise of the Western idea of civilization, modernism and progress? How can the climate catastrophe, with all its floods, storms and droughts, its displaced, exiled, extinct people, be brought to the stage? What songs and dances, languages and chants do we need to carry out of our hearts, from the theaters, from the windows onto the streets and squares, into the plenary halls?

From 30.01. – 12.02.2023 we want to address these topics together, relate to each other and explore old and new knowledge with the means of theater.

All this in a co-laboratory, set up here on the cultural space of protagon in Frankfurt, where for two weeks we will train and rehearse together, discuss and research, make music and listen, cook and eat and clean the bathroom. Analog and in a safe space, because here everything we need to live comes together in one place: rehearsal stage, dance studio, workshops, accommodation, and above all: community. During the week we will research, train and produce together and on saturday and sunday we open the festival for the public. We will have a minimum of 6 hours of workshops from a variety of teachers each day Monday-Friday. On top of this there will be additional time for personal or group creation with the opportunity to perform during the festival days

Workshops, performances, discussions, lectures, film evenings, exhibitions and much more await you, want to be experienced and, above all, want to be co-created.

We are looking for you – your questions, your ideas, your creative power. If you want to be part of it, write us an e-mail with some information about you: Who are you? Why do you want to participate? What questions move you and – possible, but not necessary – do you have a concrete contribution in mind for the Winterwerft?


When: 30.01.-12.02.2023

Where: Frankfurt am Main, Kulturgelände protagon

Contact: info@winterwerft.de

Costs: 1 week (minimum): 150-350€, 2 weeks: 275-600€


What you pay is based on how much you can and like to give.

For a sliding scale to work, there must be honesty, respect for complexity, and accountability. We don’t ask for proof of income. We trust you to be honest.

The maximum price reflects the true value of the Co-laboratory. If you are able to pay for “wants” and spend little time worrying about securing the necessities of life, you have economic privilege and power in our society. This price is for you.

A middle price is for those who can meet their basic needs but have little to no expendable income. Participating in the collaborative can mean a sacrifice, but does not plunge you into poverty.

The lower price is intended for those who have difficulty meeting their basic needs and for whom paying for this course would still be a significant burden.

You are, of course, always welcome to pay more. In this way, you enable us to make our work accessible to less privileged participants*.

We want to encourage an open conversation about money, with all that that entails (e.g. shame, self-worth, etc.). If you want to participate, we will always find a solution with you.