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OPEN CALL Co-Laboratorium / Residents - Winterwerft
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Residents / Co-Laborators / Participants

We invite you, bee dancers and storytellers, shamans, brahmins and visionaries, street hustlers, city pirates, forest gnomes and spirit seers. Poets, play-actors, light-seers and dark-seers. We set out to find stories and perspectives that help us better understand these wild times. We stoke the fire and invite you to look into the flames, to dare to look into the abysses, to put the crown of creation into the grass for once and to creep through the undergrowth of this world together.

Where can the theater provide creative impulses? The Winterwerft is a platform for exchange and encounter, a space for creation and a deeper examination of the question of the relationship between human beings and their environment.

This year’s festival is about countering the ongoing disintegration of social and ecological systems with a new (old?) narrative. What if we throw our convictions of independence and individualism overboard for once and counter separation with “interbeing”; if we assume that we move in networks of mutual dependence and interconnectedness, the perception of which we have forgotten in the course of time?

From 24.01. – 13.02.2022 we want to address these topics together, relate to each other and explore old and new knowledge with the means of theater.

All this in a co-laboratory, set up here on the association’s premises in Frankfurt, where for three weeks we will train and rehearse together, discuss and research, make music and listen, peel potatoes and clean the bathroom. Analog and in a safe space, because here everything we need to live comes together in one place: rehearsal stage, dance studio, workshops, accommodation, and above all: community.

Workshops, performances, discussions, lectures, film evenings, exhibitions and much more await you, want to be experienced and, above all, want to be co-created.

We are looking for you – your questions, your ideas, your creative power. If you want to be part of it, write us an e-mail with some information about you: Who are you? Why do you want to participate? What questions move you and – possible, but not necessary – do you have a concrete contribution in mind for the Winterwerft?

When: 24.01.-13.02.2022

Where: Frankfurt am Main, Kulturgelände protagon e.V.

Costs: 1 week (minimum): 225€, 2 weeks: 375€, 3 weeks: 500€

Contact: info@winterwerft.de