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Exposition & Atelier - Winterwerft
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Exposition & Atelier

Open up your gate to curiosity and let all your senses get stimulated. This will be a place to wander through colours, lines, lights, reflections, projections, sounds and to interact. Dive deep, deeper than the ground that you are standing on. Look further than the light is reaching and feel without touching. Smell the earth again, and let go of your urge to understand.

The gallery invites storytellers of our time that choose the languages of drawings, installations, videos and projections and are open to connect with theater or are already fleeting between the disciplines. Every Thursday evening the gallery will open with new art works.

Ilonka Berkényi – Monumentum
In a series of collaged photographs, the video piece „Monumentum” shows how the human cultural development appears as a natural factor.

  Effi Bodensohn – Mosaic
With a collection of objects and projection, Effi rebuilds and recreates memories into new ones. She dares the audience to connect by telling separate pieces of their own life.
“The whole is more than the sum of its parts” – Aristoteles

Anna D’Errico – Within Dust and Stone
What if a stone could breathe? What if a stone could send a message to us? What would that be? Interfaced between dust and stone bacteria produces chemical messages, which are enclosed in the rocks and get released when finally drops of water fall on them. They produce the smell of rain. It is like a whispered song, calling us…

Edith van den Elzen – “Painting without Brushes”
What is happening when a filmmaker is meeting with a painter who has the same interest on looking into the world. Edith reacts with creating “paintings” that did’t use brushes, focussing on connections within the work. Collaboration project with Romee van Oers.

Alireza Karimi – The Pain
The pain is a short video art which tell a spiritual adventure of Adam and Eve and the Apple.

Wieslawa Nowicka – Into the dark of my skin
“Into the dark of my skin” is a film using a bird’s eye view to look at all possible perspectives. Mutated and shared bodies, visually meet only one area, never meeting “its second”. By the need by satisfying and nourishing by the fetal and obsolete memory.

Karen Rémy AiM –  Danse avec grand-mer(e)

Dance with the sea & grandmother (french wordplay) Tribute to my female ancestors

Karen Rémy AiM – El Canto del Dragon
Great Master Xiangyan was once asked by a monk, “What is the Way?” Xiangyan said “A dragon singing in a withered tree.” Videowork with dance in Nature inspired by Zen Buddhism Koan.

The artistic work of AIM (Arts In Movement) is about networking, the interweaving of different levels. It is a creative process that weaves philosophy, dance, nature, mysticism, generations, origins, life experiences into kaleidoscopic dance films and performances.

Bobby Packham – Light installation
Researching different ways of how to work with mirrors and light.