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Stories of the Fire

Stories of the Fire

Sun 13 Feb | 9:00 pm

Fire has accompanied us as a species for many thousands of years, shaping our myths, stories, narratives.

In this captivating fire show we want to awaken this element – its energy, destructive power, unpredictability. But also the warmth and safety that gave it a central place in every household for many ages. A place where stories are told. Let’s listen to the fire.

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Dark! All dark heavy!
Like giants, clouds stride here –
Over grass and foliage,
Whirling like black dust;
Here and there a grey trunk;
On the mountain’s horizon
Keeps the ghostly watch,
Otherwise all is night – night – only night.

What flashes there? – A red star –
Now it seems near, now far again;
Look! how it twitches and twitches and wanders,
How it whistles like a serpent’s whistle.
Now it climbs up the wall,
And unwillingly it tosses up the ashes,
And whirling above the roof
The column of sparks rises.

Annette von Droste-Hülshoff