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Winterwerft 2023 International Theater Festival and Co-laboratorium

To all theater makers, dancers, painters, storytellers, sculptors, musicians, photographers, activists, speakers and filmmakers.

Until 01/12/2023 we have opened our Open Call for the program on the three weekends (27/28/29, 4/5/6 and 10/11/12) during Winterwerft 2024 – bodenlos // losing ground.

Whether you use music, performing, visual arts, storytelling, or public space actions to address the challenges we will face from climate and ecosystem change, it doesn’t matter. Works in the creation phase are also welcome. We are especially looking forward to artists from the local scene.

You can apply for the following formats:

Theater for children
Theater and Performance
Mongolian yurt
Sitespecific performances
(please scroll down for detailed descriptions)

Required information:

Image for program and press (min. 300dpi)
Text for program booklet (300-500 characters)
Technical rider
Cost plan

The application with all required documents must be received by 01.12.2023 at 24:00h.

We are looking forward to your application!

    [honeypot website]

    Some explanations

    Sustainability, interconnectedness and interdependence really do concern everyone. That’s why we are still looking for workshops for young and old, which deal with these topics in different ways, with art, handicraft, conversations and much more…
    In one to four hours, a participatory involvement in the Collaboratorium should be made possible for the festival visitors.

    Theater for children
    As a festival for all, we are looking for programs and theater for children. Every Sunday we would like to present a theater presentation for children.

    Theater and performance
    Plays and performances of various lengths and formats dealing with socio-political issues are welcome.

    For the Winterwerft we are looking for sounds, songs and music that sound in harmony with people and the environment. Concerts and acts can be held in our Mongolian yurt for a small audience or in the hall for larger audiences.

    Mongolian yurt/ storytelling sessions
    We are looking for new and old stories and would like to offer space for exchange with storytelling and discussion rounds.

    Convinced that art is socially relevant and that results, methods and processes should also have a place next to the stage, we would like to host a symposium every Thursday, providing space for intellectual output, practical discussions around sustainability and interesting insights into our collaboratory and the world of theater in relation to our environment.

    Sitespecific Performances
    This year with Winterwerft we also want to play in public spaces, with Sitespecific Acts, in parks, meadows and forests, in trees, on lanterns, public squares, streetcars and whatever you can think of….

    Paintings, sculptures, film, video art or a mix – visual arts are also welcome at this festival. Our gallery offers space for finished and still developing works of regional and national artists*. Artist residencies of up to three weeks are also available as part of the Collaboratory. You can find out more here.

    Anything that does not fit into any of the above categories will certainly find its place here.