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Continuo Theatre – Please Leave a Message (Film)

Continuo Theatre – Please Leave a Message (Film)

Saturday 12.02. | 20:00 Uhr

Unfortunately, due to a corona case, the group from Continuo Theatre cannot come. We can show a recording of their performance Please Leave A Message instead.

At the beginning, when men realised their own existence, they got terrified. They saw their mortality as well as the limits of the infinite universe. After that they started dancing as they might have been frightened or they might have hoped to forget or they might have felt intoxicated with the awareness. And then they imprinted their palms on cave walls to leave at least a trace of their transience. To leave a message: “We were there and we danced.”

We create the world and we leave a trace with each movement we make. Body movement at the boundary of physical abilities, black dominant planes and white trajectories, which make a composition of motion, visual art and music. Physical acting turns into visual images, the comic changes into the tragic, the vertical into the horizontal and vice versa.

Finally, we do not know what is up, what is down, who is inside, who is outside, and mainly why we live in the world where we do not look for the truth, but only for confirmation of our own prejudices. Why we live in the world where we do not feel at home, although we have created it, and the everyday routine of learned trajectories is merely a confirmation of its boundaries.