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Covid-Concept - Winterwerft
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Covid-19 Measures

Corona – How to proceed?

… is the question that not only, but also cultural workers are currently asking themselves. For the organisers of the Winterwerft, the cultural association protagon e.V., the question now arose again after successfully organising several large festivals in the last two pandemic years.

… and again everything is different. Massive increases in the number of infections and with them the need to be aware and responsible. And yet: culture is not only important in these times, but also possible – if we all work together. Conscious responsibility of each individual as well as of communities is required.

Hygiene concept

The 2G+ rule applies to all visitors. Our premises allow a maximum of 100 people.

In addition, masks are compulsory on the entire premises, including in the square. Seating is in a chequered pattern.

1.) Masks are compulsory in the entrance area, in the hall and in the square.

2.) Registration for contact tracking: via Luca App or manually via contact form (the former is much faster)

3.) Proofs:

► Vaccinated: “vaccinated through” plus 15 days

+ negative rapid test proof [not older than 24 hours]


► Convalescent: official convalescent document, not older than six months

+ negative rapid test certificate [not older than 24 hours].

In addition, please be sure to bring a photo ID (ID card, passport, driving licence, health insurance card, etc.) to verify the evidence.

Important: For people who CAN’T get vaccinated for medical reasons, we will find an uncomplicated solution. At least as long as there is still legal room for manoeuvre. Please contact us in advance.

You can find test centres near you, including opening hours, here: